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There is a common misconception that car accident law is close to commercial motor vehicle accident law. This misconception was so common that the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys joined forced with the National Board of Trial Advocacy to create a board certification for commercial motor vehicle accident lawyers.  The American Bar Association Accredited the certification. George Patterson is such a board certified Truck Accident Attorney.

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Car Accident

car accidents

Car accidents often leave victims with injuries, unpaid medical bills, lost wages and transportation problems.

Truck Accident

truck accidents

A truck driver may lose his job if he is found to be at-fault for an accident. Can you count on that driver to admit his mistake?

Bowie Motorcycle Accident

motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle accident victims often face more serious injuries and they are usually subject to greater scrutiny in accident cases.


A commercial motor vehicle accident requires an understanding of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act regulations, the responsibilities of motor carriers, dispatchers, dispatchers and those that load commercial trucks.  Commercial motor vehicles are subject to different rules and regulations depending on vehicle weight, number of passengers, whether it crosses state lines, the type of cargo transported, whether it is fulfilling an emergency service or is operated by the government.  Every personal injury case starts with the rules of the road the rules of the road are different for commercial motor vehicles and many commercial motor vehicles are subjected to different rules.


The rules for driving a commercial motor vehicle are different than for driving a car.  A commercial truck driver follows different rules about speed and following distances on roads, what to do during inclement weather, checking blind spots, lane changes, vehicle inspections, use of medications, hours of driving and physical fitness.  Ordinary car accident lawyers often review commercial motor vehicle accidents and find that the trucking company and driver did nothing wrong because they were applying the comparatively short and forgiving rule book for driving a car. A board certified truck accident attorney has documented substantial truck accident experience, passed a board exam covering complex areas of truck accident law, and has received high ratings by opposing lawyers and presiding judges in truck accident cases.


About Patterson Law

At Patterson Law, we know the commercial motor carrier and commercial motor vehicle driver rule books.  Our lawyers each have over 20 years of litigating motor vehicle accidents.  We have taken hundreds of cases to trial and successfully resolved thousands of other cases.  Our firm offers the unique combination of experienced skilled personal injury trial lawyers that know truck accident law.  We have a Top 10 Trucking Accident Attorney by the National Trial Lawyers, an advocate Member of the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys, a member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, a nine-time Top 100 Washington D.C. Super Lawyer, a nine-time Top 100 Maryland Super Lawyer and Board Certified Civil, Civil Pre-trial and Truck Accident Attorney by the National Board of Trial Advocacy.

Patterson Law is an established Maryland personal injury firm with offices in Bowie and Annapolis that handles motor vehicle and commercial motor vehicle accidents.  Maria Patterson and George Patterson are top-rated personal injury trial lawyers each with over 20 years of trial experience.  Please let a truck accident attorney from Patterson Law help you Recover.

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Patterson Law takes pride with every client that recovers. Recovery is more than the settlements and verdicts obtained for our clients. Each and every one of these clients had been shepherded through a process where powerful insurance companies fought to defeat or minimize their claims. Each result represents a client’s dignity being affirmed.

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If you or a loved one have been injured as result of an accident with a commercial motor vehicle accident, please call the Truck accident lawyers at Patterson Law.  Patterson law has offices in Bowie and Annapolis, Maryland.  Both offices are conveniently located off Route 50.  Please call 301-888-4878 for your free consultation.  The Annapolis office is located in the Patterson Law Building at 1 Willow Street, Annapolis, Maryland. The Bowie office is located in the Omni Medical Building at 4000 Mitchellville Road, Suite A202, Bowie, Maryland.

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